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Marketing Lounge

About us

The Marketing Lounge Company was founded in 2005 by a group of experts, who have been working on a drink market for a long time. Our experts are experienced in working with a great number of different brands of low–alcohol cocktails, vodka, wines and soft drinks.

Company’s philosophy – the creation of strong brands

The Marketing Lounge Company possesses the following unique technologies:
  • market research and advanced market segment finding
  • concept formation of a new product, its functional, emotional and price positioning; creation of product’s unique selling proposition
  • creation of a formulation of a new product
  • brand naming, pack selection, label design
  • development of launching and brand strategy
  • development and realization of advertising and promo– campaigns
  • marketing control of a product during the whole product life cycle.

Today the portfolio, managed by our Company, includes more then 22 brands from 5 different drink markets. Among them are the leaders of categories, high sales brands, specialties and innovations.

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